October 23, 2017

In a perfect world we would all grow our own vegetables organically or purchase organic vegetables free of pesticide residue for our families. But for a lot of families this is far from reality. Many families now live on small blocks of land, or in apartment complexes and townhouses and don't have the room for a vegetable patch. And unfortunately Organic Vegetables can be very expensive so this isn't always an viable option for all families. 

To ensure that you effectively clean your fruit and vegetables before consuming you can make up a vinegar wash.

Vinegar Wash 

3 parts water (or 750ml's)

1 part vinegar (250ml's) 

Clean sink or large bowl to Soak Fruit

Method - 

Remove any soil debris from the fruit and vegetable prior to placing in the solution as this decreases the effectiveness. After you have removed any soil soak the fruit and vegetables in the solution for around 5-10 minutes. 


Only wash Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries prior to consuming as wetting t...

October 20, 2017

Kombucha is everywhere now you can buy from your local health food store and even your local supermarket may stock it. But it is very expensive to buy and if consume regularly you may just want to make your own. I have been making my own Kombucha and have been selling and sharing my Scoby's for a few years now. If you can get a Scoby off a friend or from a seller with a good reputation it is very easy to make your own. 

What you will need: 

  • Kombucha Scoby

  • Starter Tea or Distilled White Vinegar

  • Organic Tea 

  • Boiled Filtered Water

  • Organic Sugar 

  • 1 or 2 litre Jar

  • Tea Towel (tight weave cloth) or paper coffee filter

  • Elastic or Rubber Bands

  • Plastic or Wooden Stirring Utensils


To make 1 litre  you will need - 

2-3 cups of water, 1/4 cup of sugar, 2 teabags or 1/2 tablespoon of loose leaf tea, 1/2 cup of starter tea (125mls) or vinegar.

To make 2 litres you will need - 

6-7 cups of water, 4 teabags or 1 tablespoon of loose leaf te...

October 13, 2017

On return from holidays my daughter started complaining about a small sore spot on the sole of her foot. When I had a look I recognised it straight away as a planter wart. Planter warts are a small growths that usually appears on the heal or the weight bearing part of the foot. Planter wart grow inward beneath the skin and can be recognised by a hard thicken spot of the skin which is where the wart has grown inwards. You will also notice black pinpoints, which are commonly called wart seeds but are actually small, clotted blood vessels.

Planter warts are caused by a version of the HPV Virus (more than 100 versions of the HPV virus exist). This strain of the HPV Virus isn't highly contagious however it does thrives in warm moist environments. Consequently you may contract the virus from walking barefoot around swimming pools or change rooms. We visited many hotel pools and change rooms while overseas, so I do believe this is where my daughter would have picked this up from. Children and...

October 1, 2017

If your bathroom is like mine anytime after daddy has been to the toilet no one likes to go in for about 10 minutes or more because of the smell. What if you had an all natural spray that you could spray before going to the toilet into the toilet bowl? You would never have a bad smell coming from the bathroom - even after daddy had been!! You may ask why make a natural spray? I like making my own Natural Spray as you will find that a lot of the store bought air fresheners will have ingredients including Synthetic Fragrances, and formaldehyde both of which aren't good for your families health.

This spray is easy to make with only a few ingredients and your favourite essential oils. 

For a beautifully smelling toilet you need - 

1/2 cup of distilled water

1 tablespoon of Rubbing Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Vodka or Vanilla Extract 

35 drops of your favourite essential oil combinations

1 or 2 Spray bottles depending of your bottle size

Add the chosen essential oils to your bottle followed by the...

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