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Natural Mama was born out of my desire to share my knowledge of how to replace chemical-based products that you find every day in your home, office, and garden with products that are only made out of Natural Ingredients. The journey of Natural Mama began prior to conceiving my first child. During my journey to conceive I found out I had POCS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) I removed all toxins from my household one by one and started researching natural alternatives. I also changed my diet and included supplements to support my condition. Within a couple of months of making these conceived my first child. My natural journey has now continued for over 9 years, and I now have 3 happy and healthy children. 

In Natural Mama Blog have included lots of natural tips of products you can make yourself to replace current toxic products in your home. However, as a busy mum of 3 children myself, I understand that we don't always have time to make our own products and making your own products isn't for everyone so I will share both natural home tips and also advise on the best products in the market to replace your everyday toxic products. Some of these products will be available to buy at your local supermarket, Health Food shop, or online. ​



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