I've had the incredible good fortune to have Rachael guide me for the last year through a number of meditation, and energy healing practices. When I first started with Rachael I was struggling with feelings of anxiety, lack of motivation, a general sense of displacement, and insecurity. My marriage had recently ended, I'd stepped away from an intense corporate career and I was struggling to get my general mojo back. Through her gentle and incredibly awakening methods, I have become more self-aware, calm, and confident. She has taught me methods that I can use of the spot when required or in ongoing practices to do by myself at home. Rachael's sessions are bespoke, specifically created around areas that I was struggling with or wanted to improve. From EFT Tapping to transformational meditation and timeline therapy, she uncovered what I reacted strongest to and matched that with the specific area that we were working on. It truly has been an incredible journey and I am enormously grateful for her support and her overflowing positive energy. 

Karen Goldhawk, 45 and feeling excited about the future.