How to stop Ear Pain and Infections with Garlic

I have 3 kids and at one time or another all have suffered from Ear Infections. My first daughter suffered many ear infections and every time she suffered an ear infection the Dr would prescribe antibiotic's. She hated the taste of the medicine so it was always a struggle to get it into her. The ear infection would go away after taking the antibiotic's but not without a couple of nights of disrupted sleep.

By the time my second daughter came along I thought there must be a better way. After researching natural method's for ear infections I made first batch of Garlic Oil. Using Garlic Oil made sense as Garlic has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. I made my first batch of Garlic Oil and used it not long after I had made it on my daughter who was complaining of a sore ear. After putting the drops in my daughters ear she stopped complaining of the pain and drifted off to sleep. I continued this for the next 3 days and the ear infection was gone without the need of antibiotics and no nights of disrupted sleep for anyone. I continued to take my daughter to the Dr's to ensure that the infection had cleared and that there was no redness in her ear. The garlic oil was great however you have to prepare the garlic oil in advance and heat it until only slightly warm before putting a couple of drops in the ear.

An easier method is taking a garlic clove about the same size of your child's outer ear boiling it in water for a couple of minutes so it is slightly soft but not mushy. You then allow it to cool until just warm and then putting it in the outer ear only then keeping it in place with a band aid across the ear. This worked just as well as the garlic oil and provided instant relief for my child. As a family we call this "GARLIC EAR" my kids love it as it takes the pain away and they sleep without the need for any antibiotics. I would repeat this for 3 nights minimum and take my child back to the Dr to ensure that they no longer have a red eardrum. Always seek medical advice if your child is sick along with any natural remedies you decide to use.

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