How to get rid of a Planter Wart Naturally

On return from holidays my daughter started complaining about a small sore spot on the sole of her foot. When I had a look I recognised it straight away as a planter wart. Planter warts are a small growths that usually appears on the heal or the weight bearing part of the foot. Planter wart grow inward beneath the skin and can be recognised by a hard thicken spot of the skin which is where the wart has grown inwards. You will also notice black pinpoints, which are commonly called wart seeds but are actually small, clotted blood vessels.

Planter warts are caused by a version of the HPV Virus (more than 100 versions of the HPV virus exist). This strain of the HPV Virus isn't highly contagious however it does thrives in warm moist environments. Consequently you may contract the virus from walking barefoot around swimming pools or change rooms. We visited many hotel pools and change rooms while overseas, so I do believe this is where my daughter would have picked this up from. Children and teenagers and people with weakened immune systems are more likely to be affected than others from this virus.

I left my daughter foot for a while and promised her that I would find a natural solution to get rid of the wart without having to go to the Dr's to have it frozen off. After much research I decided I would try Tea Tree Oil on her planter wart. I did this once a day just before bedtime and within only a few days we both noticed an improvement in the size of the wart and then after about a week she came to me and said "look at my foot it is now flat again where i had my lump and it no longer hurts".

It was such an easy solution and I would try this before any other over the counter solutions or a trip to the Dr to freeze it off. However if this doesn't start working for your child after a few weeks i would consult a Dr especially if you child is still in pain from the Planter Wart on their foot.

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