Oh no my child has Nits

I received the dreaded letter from my child's pre school, "There has been several cases of Nit's in you child's room please check your child's hair for Head Lice". So I checked for what they described as egg's shells which are white small or clear shells that stick to the hair shaft so easy to spot in your child's hair. Oh dear I spotted the shell's so I go and purchase expensive Nit Removal product and comb looking for the most natural solution possible. This removed most of the Head Lice but then found that my child would have head lice again the following week and repeated the process again (the head lice have an approximately 2 week cycles so therefore you need to repeat the process several times within the 2 week period).

Buying the Head Lice removal products over time became expensive so I thought there must be a better way. I discovered the conditioner method which cover your child's hair in conditioner and leave the conditioner in the hair for a minimum of 20 minute's covering your child's hair with a shower cap. Start from the nape of the neck and around near the ears as the head lice will try and escape but can't if you cover these area's first. Then use your Nit comb to comb through all sections of the hair until you are happy that you have removed all nits and as many egg's as possible. You should repeat this process 2 times a week over the next fortnight and then check your child's hair for nit's once a week.

Once Head Lice is under control the best prevention for Nit's is either using a shampoo that contain's tea tree oil or adding this to your existing shampoo and or conditioner (Tea Tree has a repellant effect on Head Lice). If adding to your conditioner the ratio is 2 drops of tea tree essential oil to approx. 50ml's of shampoo or conditioner. The best way to mix is to buy a seperate travel size bottle's you can mix small batches of your Head Lice prevention Shampoo and Conditioner. Another way is to make a detangling leave in conditioner spray for your child's hair and spray on daily before school.

30 ml's of Natural or Organic Conditioner

45ml's of Distilled Water

30ml's of Coconut, Avocado Oil or Virgin Olive Oil.

Add 3 drops of tea tree essential oil

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