Easy Fruit and Vegetable Wash

In a perfect world we would all grow our own vegetables organically or purchase organic vegetables free of pesticide residue for our families. But for a lot of families this is far from reality. Many families now live on small blocks of land, or in apartment complexes and townhouses and don't have the room for a vegetable patch. And unfortunately Organic Vegetables can be very expensive so this isn't always an viable option for all families.

To ensure that you effectively clean your fruit and vegetables before consuming you can make up a vinegar wash.

Vinegar Wash

3 parts water (or 750ml's)

1 part vinegar (250ml's)

Clean sink or large bowl to Soak Fruit

Method -

Remove any soil debris from the fruit and vegetable prior to placing in the solution as this decreases the effectiveness. After you have removed any soil soak the fruit and vegetables in the solution for around 5-10 minutes.


Only wash Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries prior to consuming as wetting them shorten's their shelf life.

Why Buy Organic when we can or at a minimum use a Vegetable Wash?

This study shows how important it is to buy Organic when we can or at a minimum remove pesticide residue with a fruit and vegetable wash like the vinegar wash.

Swedish researchers recently proved that pesticides build up in our bodies by taking urine sample before and after consuming only Organic Produce. However a two week break the family had nearly no pesticide in their urine samples. The scientists warn that we don't know the long term effects of ingesting these chemicals.

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