Natural Laundry Stain Removers that you probably already have in your Kitchen Cupboards.

Using natural laundry stain removers for most stains on clothes works very well. Most of the items that you can use you will probably have in your kitchen cupboards at home.

1 # White Vinegar

White Vinegar is an essential item to have in your natural home laundry. White vinegar is cheap and very gentle on fabrics and safer to use than bleach or fabric softener.

White vinegar is great for removing yellow perspiration stains and odour from underneath the armpits of shirts. I use it daily as a stain remover for your kids white cotton school tops. It even removes tomato sauce stains.

White Vinegar is a great natural fabric softener and when added to the final rinse section of your washing machine will keep your clothes soft. Adding the vinegar to the final rinse also helps to keep your clothes smelling fresh even if you leave them in the washing machine for a while prior to hanging your clothes out.

Using white vinegar in your washing machine regularly will help to keep away musty washing odour and clean your washing machine.

2 # Lemon / Lime

Adding lemon or lime Juice directly to the stain to get rid of stains on whites will also help to fade yellow underarm or perspiration stains on clothes.

However if you do get some on your coloured clothes remove before it discolours your clothes.

You can also add a few drops of lemon or lime essential oil into your liquid draw in your machine to ensure your clothes come out smelling fresh with a lovely lemon or lime scent.

3 # Baking or Bicarbonate Soda

Adding 1/2 a cup of baking or Bicarbonate Soda to your natural washing powder will give you whiter whites and brighter colours. The Baking or Bicarbonate Soda also helps to soften the water so you can use less washing powder or detergent.

4 # Hydrogen Peroxide

Head into your medicine cabinet to find a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to replace bleach to whiten your clothes. Hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 has strong oxidising properties which makes it a powerful bleaching agent. You can pick up a 3% solution from your local chemist or supermarket.

Add the solution to the stain prior to washing. You can use on both whites and colour fast clothes. It is great for removing red wine, underarm stains and curry stains which can sometimes be difficult to get out.

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